Urban and Night Flight with Drones


Audiovisual services with drones recorded with cinema quality.

Aerial images and videos recorded with drones are now within everyone’s reach thanks to the audiovisual services with drones that we can offer you. From SG drones we have been working for a long time in the audiovisual sector in a professional way and with official flight permits. We can make any type of aerial shots you want and at a very economical cost, with the professional quality you need.

We record with our drones spots for advertising, film and television, sports, as well as individuals who wish to give a different touch to their celebrations or events.

We have different professional cameras with Full HD or 4K resolution, allowing to record high resolution images or videos in motion, for sporting events, motorcycle routes, etc, and/or live broadcasts through a Youtube channel.

Urban and night flights with drones

Safe recordings with authorized operators and with drone flights authorized by AESA.

Thanks to the advancement of the technology used with drones, and the cameras that can be attached to them, we can offer audiovisual services with drones that were unthinkable a few years ago.

Every day more and more drones appear with higher performance and at very affordable prices, but we must not confuse the flight of a domestic drone with that of a professional drone, licensed by the operators, and with flight plans programmed and authorized by the authorities.

In addition, it is necessary to keep up to date with new national and European regulations.

Drone flight over the city center of Badajoz, with the City Hall and the cathedral in the background of the image, in a tourist promotion of the city.

In a single image of a drone flight shows much of the heritage of Caceres, the Plaza Mayor, Torre de Bujaco, Arco de la Estrella, Concathedral, …

Overhead photograph of the city hall of Malaga, taken in an urban flight in that city.

Drone flight over the World Heritage City of Merida, specifically over the Roman Theater and Amphitheater.

Night flight with drone over the city of Badajoz, crossing the Real bridge and in front of the Siglo XXI building.

Aerial photo of a traffic circle located in the town of Plasencia, north of Cáceres.