Technical Inspections with Zoom and RTK


With the Enhanced Optical Zoom Tool.

It records mission actions such as aircraft movement, stabilizer orientation, photo capture functions and zoom level to record a mission for automatic playback in inspections.

The use of the drone’s optical zoom camera allows inspections of communication towers and power line towers without being affected by the electromagnetic fields produced by these installations.

In addition, they allow you to photograph with great clarity and detail, and from different angles, obtaining spectacular results.

RTK technology coupled with 23X optical zoom.

RTK is a positioning and navigation system that provides centimeter accuracy to the aircraft, among other benefits. Specifically, the technology used by some DJI drones is a combination of GPS and GLONASS or GPS and BeiDou, which are a series of constellations of artificial satellites whose function is to perform a triangulation to determine where it is geographically positioned with high precision.

The use of drones with RTK technology has revolutionized the telecommunications industry, because it has improved the way in which inspections of this type of infrastructure are performed, both because it avoids a serious danger to operators at height and because of the level of precision with which technical inspections are performed with this technique.

Thanks to RTK technology, an incredible level of precision in drone flight is achieved. The RTK ensures that the drone will stay on course both vertically and horizontally, allowing it to follow the same flight path over different time periods of either hours or days. This allows for very precise site monitoring or inspections.

Example of the use of the Advanced Zoom technique with RTK of the DJI Matrice 300K Drone

Zoon Application on DJI Matrice Drone

Image captured by the drone showing the detail of the broken cover of an HCE in a thermosolar silver.

Periodic inspection in which cracks in the clamping clip of the two conductors are detected, thanks to the Zoom technology of the DJI drone.

Thanks to the Zoom in the photograph captured by the drone, the opening of the fastening in a SCE in a solar field has been detected.

If it were not for the detail of the drone’s optical zoom, it would not have been possible to detect the unraveling of the medium voltage cable of a power line.

Detail captured by Zoom technology of an opening produced at the junction of the hub and blade of a wind generator.

In a periodic technical inspection with the drone, thanks to the Zoom of the drone, with the H20T camera we have details like the ones we show you.