Technical Inspections with Thermal Camera


Detail of the technical inspection with a drone on a wind turbine with the thermal camera, in a wind farm.Detail of the technical inspection with a drone on a wind turbine with the visual camera, in a wind farm.

We are committed to constant investment in the latest technology to offer the best service.

SG drones has been committed since its inception to cutting-edge technologies in thermography. To date, we have the best thermographic equipment on the market that can be adapted to our drones. We started with DJI Inspire 1 with XT camera and are currently working with Matrice 300 RTK and DJI XT2 and DJI H20T cameras, all high resolution, higher refresh rate, with the best lens and fully radiometric.

By combining DJI drones’ expertise in stabilization technology and image transmission with FLIR’s industry-leading thermal imaging technology, the cameras we work with enable fast, reliable and detailed thermal imaging, capturing images very quickly and accurately.

In addition, SG drones has a thermographer with ITC Certificate to guarantee the interpretation of the data obtained by our thermographic camera, giving absolute reliability to the data taken by the thermal camera.

Specific training is required for a correct reading of the observed data according to the type of technical inspection.

At SG drones we cover a wide range of industrial technical inspections with our drones.

For each type of industry we perform a drone flight adapted to the needs of that industry, taking into account the technical knowledge of the operation of its facilities.

By planning each flight, possible risks that operators may suffer when accessing different parts of the infrastructure are saved, as well as minimizing downtime, if necessary to carry out the technical inspection with a thermal camera.

Technical Inspections
with Thermal Camera on drones

Thermal camera technology can be applied in many fields of application.

The main technical inspection works with thermal cameras on drones are in solar plants, power lines, mobile telephone or communications antennas, as well as wind turbine farms.

The drones have built-in cameras that provide sharper images and can check difficult-to-access and high-risk areas. With our thermal camera attached to the drone we can see which PV panels have defects as they overheat and it is easily visible by a thermal camera.

This same technology is applicable for power lines where lines with unusually higher temperature under normal conditions are detected. Anomalies are clearly and unequivocally recognized thanks to a clear thermographic image.

With just one drone flight and a well-calibrated thermal camera, various faults in a photovoltaic plant can be observed.

In industrial installations it is common to use aerial shots with drones equipped with thermal cameras to find unwanted hot spots due to malfunctions.

In sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, thermal camera technology is also used to find faults in their systems.

Tastings were carried out in some large deposits that were poorly sealed and were captured by the thermal camera.

Serious failure detected with thermal camera technology observed in the insulation of a collector, reaching a temperature of 325º.

Detailed observation of large deposits by thermal cameras can detect cracks or structural failures in time.