DESCRIPTION OF THE OPERATION: Within the framework of the 2014 – 2020 Operational Program, business projects related to the use of e-commerce and ICT in companies in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura are financed with European Regional Development Funds (ERDF), with the aim of promoting the use of e-commerce and ICT by the self-employed, as well as increasing the number of self-employed and companies in Extremadura that market their products/services on-line, and promoting projects that integrate solutions that meet security standards and are supported by existing platforms that are compliant and reliable.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: A corporate website has been developed, as well as online marketing actions with campaigns to improve SEO positioning.


  • Specific of the operation: “To develop the digital economy, including e-commerce, for the growth, competitiveness and internationalization of Spanish companies”.
  • Of the subsidized project: The aim is to improve the visibility of the company to current and potential customers, offering information about its services in a professional and accessible way from any device with internet connection.

EXPECTED RESULTS: It is expected to achieve an increase in the number of customers, as well as increase the company’s trust and digital reputation.

REGULATORY BASIS: DECREE 114/2017, July 18, and the Resolution of September 17, 2019, approving this call.

BUDGET: 4.114,57 €.

AID RECEIVED: 3.125,00 €.

FUND: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)