Drone Pilot Courses: – Course on Integral Inspection of Photovoltaic Plants.

SG drones te invita realizar el Curso de Curso de Inspección integral de plantas fotovoltaicas, uno de los mejores caminos profesionales del futuro.

Integral Inspection of Photovoltaic Plants Course

Spain is the ninth country in the world in the development of renewable energy, so training in the inspection sector with unmanned aircraft is one of the best career paths to follow today.


In a country like Spain, which is one of the European Union countries with the greatest potential for the development of renewable energy, training in the inspection sector with unmanned aircraft is undoubtedly one of the best professional paths to follow today.

In fact, Spain is the ninth most attractive country in the world for the development of renewable energies and the second largest in Europe. In this whole ecosystem, drones form a perfect symbiosis when performing various tasks within photovoltaic parks.


Due to the new European regulations oriented to a greater ecologism at the time of energy production, many photovoltaic panels plants have been built in Spain. For this reason, the need to use unmanned aircraft for implementation, inspection and maintenance has created – and will continue to create – a large number of job opportunities throughout the country.

The course is divided into five main blocks:

Block 1. Structure and operation of the plates.

Block 2. Equipment available.

Block 3. Plans, permits and generation of zones to be flown.

Block 4. Planning and IEC 62446 standards.

Block 5. Analysis, defects and deliverables.


The course is conducted online through live videoconferencing. There will be 4 sessions of two and a half hours each. These are not webinars or recorded classes, but classes in which each teacher interacts actively with the students, where you can ask any questions you may have.


Consult the dates of upcoming calls for applications.


Online training. IMPORTANT: this training will be completely taught in Spanish.


20 hours.


Juan es Operador, Piloto avanzado de Drones/RPAS, instructor, examinador de pilotos remotos AESA, y co-fundador de SG Drones Solutions.

Juan Serrano

Juan holds a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Extremadura. He is a professional drone remote pilot and co-founder of SG DRONES, a company specialized in technical and thermographic inspections in which he is mainly a pilot and operations manager.

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