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The new UAS/Drones use regulation introduces important changes in the pilot training scheme.

Since its implementation last December 31, 2020, any UAS/drone user is required to have the appropriate training to be able to fly any aircraft over 250 grams.

Also, if your drone has a camera or weighs more than 250 g. you must register with AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety Agency) as an operator, through a simple electronic procedure.

Currently, there is a distinction between recreational and professional flights, even so, any user will have to prove their training to fly a drone.

STS-ES drone practical course Specific category

5 hours of classroom training

299 €

At the end of the course you will obtain the accreditation issued by SG DRONES SOLUTIONS S.L., an entity recognized by AESA for the training and practical evaluation of remote pilots in the national standard scenarios STS-ES-01 and STS-ES-02.

Radiophonist Course

10 hours of classroom training

199 €

With the Radio Operator course you will obtain the necessary certificate to be able to communicate with airport control towers, when flying in controlled airspace, as well as to communicate with other aircraft.

Integral Inspection of Photovoltaic Plants Course

20 hours of online training

1.199 €

Spain is the ninth country in the world in the development of renewable energy, so training in the inspection sector with unmanned aircraft is one of the best career paths to follow today.

Document management and coordination of drone operations course

10 hours of online training

349 €

Know How? When? And where? We must perform the various steps, it will give you the opportunity to work legally in almost any operating environment. In the course, a practical management of each type of operation coordination will be carried out.

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    Image corresponding to one of the drone pilot training explanatory videos on how to perform inspections with the thermal camera.

    Photograph taken during the classroom part of a drone or RPA pilot training course.

    Screenshot of one of the explanatory videos in the drone pilot course showing the assembly of the DJI Matrice Drone.

    Image taken during a drone pilot classroom training, outdoors and with the precautionary measures by COVID-19.

    Screenshot taken from a drone pilot training video showing how to use the zoom and how to detect incidents.

    Image used in drone pilot training, on how to take off and land a drone.

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